Navigating New Frontiers

Haitong International has always been committed to promoting corporate social responsibility, contributing to the community through the sponsorship of various public welfare activities. From autumn 2017 onwards, we are fully committed to sponsoring the windsurfing competitions organised by the Windsurfing Association of Hong Kong, supporting the development of the Hong Kong windsurfing squad, and actively promoting the sport of windsurfing.

The sport of windsurfing fully captures Haitong International’s brand values and the unshakable spirit of Hong Kong, making the Windsurfing Association of Hong Kong an ideal partner for the company. With the courage and resolution to try and to innovate, Haitong International is always pushing boundaries. Our team is aspirational, driven, yet reasoned in its approach. Stable and ready to adapt to the ever-changing market environment, the company endeavors to uphold the Chinese cultural values of sincerity and humility, and to emphasize integrity in its pursuit of success. We believe these are also the qualities of outstanding windsurfing athletes.

Haitong International 2017 Hong Kong Open Windsurfing Championship to be held on November 2017 marks the beginning of our sponsorship programme. This year, the championship will kick off at the Stanley Main Beach on 1 November and end on 5 November. The championship itself represents the most spectacular annual windsurfing event in Hong Kong, thereby attracting from around the world to contest for the laureate of windsurfing with the homegrown windsurfers. Stay tuned on our social media for information of more about the campaign.

Our mission is to stand together with Hong Kong windsurfers and make our mark on the international stage.

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