Stock Borrowing and Lending

Short selling is a strategy that allows investors to gain from the decline in price of a security. Typically, short-sellers "borrow" the securities to be sold, and later repurchase identical securities for return to the lender. If the security price falls as expected, the investor profits from the deal. However, according to the Securities and Futures Ordinance of Hong Kong, investors are prohibited to naked short sell any securities if they do not possess the security or believe that they will have a loan of the security at the time of sale.

To enhance your opportunity to make potential profits even from a declining market, we provide Stock Borrowing and Lending services. You can now enjoy the flexibility of borrowing, short selling, and repurchasing securities via our multi-channel trading platforms conveniently and effortlessly.

You may refer to the HKEx website for Designated Securities Eligible for Short Selling.

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